25 January 2008

Warning! Contains spoilers!

We have this ongoing conversation in our house. Once in a while our daughter says, "Mommy, what's 'spoiling' a child mean?"

"I don't really know," I say, vaguely, in part because she's at the age where as soon as you describe the behavior, she apes it. "I don't really believe in that." It's now at the level of our ongoing chat about god (right now, she believes in god and Jesus and Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and princesses and reincarnation, but she didn't fall for the Valentine Lizard).

Then my mother gave us a lightbulb look and said, "What if you just said yes to your kid every time they asked you for something for a day? What would happen?"

Might have to try that. Because I really don't believe in spoiling in that sense.

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