31 January 2008

Hello, hello, hello...

It's a weird world, enough so to make me wonder who I would be inviting in if I said yes to one of these "friend requests" from people who don't exist. I have found all the musicians and folks to be good about it. but some other people don't seem to exist, and you get spam requests (from "parties by Kelli" or these ones that have random snapshots of people you just don't know about. looking at their profiles, where they don't put anything in any of the fields: there's just some random photo of a young girl, a random name, and a random location (DANA POINT, California). It doesn't look like there's any there there, know what I mean?

Yet I think it's wonderful that there's a "place" I can "go" where I can say "Spoon and Gomez are my friends, as are Cornershop and eels and some people I met on the message boards."

Soundtrack: Scissor Sisters: "Comfortably Numb" cover

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