26 January 2008

Brim full of Asha

I just noticed that I'm coming up on what I see as a major midpoint. If you look at it as an up-and-down thing, it is a peak on that graph. Or it's the point after which you've taken from your beginnings and started to make your endings.

I've always had trouble writing endings.

(That is a good first line. Hmmm....)

At the same time, what's coming feels not at all like a peak "and then it's all downhill from there." It feels like a beginning. A leap into what is mine. I've been cutting some of the ties that held me back: ties of family obligation because of who I am and where I come from. But I really do feel like a big balloon slowly being loosed from her tethers and wobbling up and away at last, full of enough of the vaporous heated air to lift a few others with her off the ground.

It's a good feeling, like I have everything with me that I need for the rest of the trip. One of those things turns out to be the faith that when the time comes to land again, we'll be able to find clear ground and helpful hosts, and alight safely together.

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