03 March 2009

Extremely self-referential post

Just in case you're not following me over on twitter, this is my favorite "tweet" I have posted this week:

There is still something weird about getting news from Twitter. It's like the game of Telephone only the message doesn't get garbled.

The only sensation I can liken it to is that of looking at a Camera Obscura and noticing how it is projects reality, what is really happening now, in real time, no deconstructing and reconstructing the image, just a reseeing of it. Perhaps you can begin to see why I've worked the Camera Obscura into my fiction. Now I guess I'll have to make Twitter figure in it.

Which reminds me of this silly tidbit: Earlier today, reading a Berenstain Bears book to my little one, I was mentally editing it, replacing "tape players" with "music players," and having the kids text each other on cell phones, among other updates that would allow contemporary kids to read them without a second thought. They got to keep their "boom box," though.

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