18 February 2009

Animals! Inspired by Animals!

Whoa! What a wild and wooly week it's been, hey? Despite a jarring beginning and ending, all righted itself and on I went to the festival I look forward to all year, forging my way through many, many films and many friends. Lots more of that feeling that we're all here for a reason (only I keep feeling I'd better cough up my own contribution to the genre pretty quick or people will wonder why I keep hanging 'round here like some fangrrl).

So every week I'm inching forward on that front, and BIFF as ever provided me with a healthy jolt of inspiration, on many levels.

And since I feel I am here for a reason -- that is: I really do want to make films and art -- I'll start here, where I am, by splicing my Texas footage together into a quick video. Next up Animals! Inspired by Animals! And then I'll properly edit the Gomez thingie so I can send it out.


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