04 November 2008

President Obama!

What a moment in history this is! A few minutes ago I was reading a story to my little brown girl and we heard the whooping in the streets. We sprang out of bed and ran down to see if they'd called the election and yes! It is true! Barack Obama will be our next president! Oh, my goodness, to think that in 1963 the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired a march toward true equality that is culminating in Barack Obama's presidency, his position as leader of the free world. I finally feel like it will be a truly freer world as a result.

And what a relief this is. All day I had to keep reminding myself to take deep breaths. I've been walking on pins and needles wondering whether the Republicans would pull out some last minute flood of votes or lines would be so long at the polling places or the glitches so numerous that polls wouldn't close until midnight and the vote wouldn't even be counted until three in the morning. So it is huge to see victory come this early (even if it is due to the Electoral College factor, which I'd rather see us do without entirely).

I am elated.

Little did I know this was a tipping point.

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