10 November 2008

Ghosts in the machine

All three of us who live here have independently come to the conclusion that we share our house with at least one ghost. Maybe more. My sweetie and I practically spoke over each other as we confessed to each other for the first time in twelve years that we hear sounds all the time. Our little one just asked me if ghosts really exist, again. They're one of those things I've never seen for sure, but I told her I can't rule them out.

I think we have ghosts, the young miss announced. I think they're real.

Who would know better than a little girl who spent most of her first six months hearing a chorus of voices she has probably been listening for since?

I think they hide behind doors. Maybe they like the downstairs. You know, where it's not all nice like upstairs. With the floor all covered with kitty litter and stuff? What, Mom? Maybe they like that!

Can they come in the cracks? Because I think I just saw one over there. Do you think there's more than one? Probably usually they live in a family, just like us.

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