27 September 2008

Workin' on a film film, workin' on a film

A low-level preoccupation simmers on a back burner of my mind lately: I keep hoping I haven't freaked anyone out with my talk of making a movie. There was a resounding silence when I asked if anyone wants to participate (and the same thing happened when I reached out in another direction), yet I am trying not to make up stories about those things and just rolling along. I was reassured that people played the making-up-Gomez-lyrics game with me. And I know I would be cautious around someone like me, too: film is more permanent, and some people change when a camera is on.

But I a few Ideas I have up my sleeve might make this seem more fun and less intimidating. First, I do not want to be the filmmaker and film all the time, even though I've hinted at wanting to do that. I'm just me and I am really looking forward to the chance to get to know some of these people better. Second, I would really like to hand the camera around and let other people film. I think that would be a hoot. (o jeez I'd better make sure I'm stocked and batteried, and right quick, eh?) Finally, I think of this film as a project about me. I'm not trying to capture every experience and perception of Gomez possible. I don't have room for that much material. I just want to share some of my own joy. Other than that, I really don't have an agenda about making this film.

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