20 September 2008

Goin' to that windy city

I'm listening to Poi Dog Pondering's In Seed Comes Fruit, which is my current favorite Poi album (it was Pomegranate for a very long time), and I open my drawer to put away a shirt and find that all three shirts are the same color. It's like a slot machine coming up all three the same. Ka-ching! Here's the thing: Poi play regularly at the theater where I just bought a ticket for Gomez's upcoming show, where they will recreate their first album, so that's creating this extra magnetic pull for me. Then I remember that Chaka, one of the Poi crew, commented on my blog last time I posted something about Poi. I went to look for a way to write her a note and turned up someone with a name spelled almost the same as hers who makes documentary films, which is what I'm hoping to do at this event. It's like everywhere I turn all signs are pointing one way. Here: This Way. So this is my call out to the universe and Chaka -- maybe she or someone knows someone whose apartment needs sitting around October 1-4.... Faith is the substance of what we hope for, the elegance of things we just cannot see. It's true!

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Centrechick said...

I am so THRILLED that you are coming to Chicago! I can't wait to meet you in person finally!