07 June 2011

Two things:

One: I had been giving myself a hard time about not having made photo albums but finally realized that I have all of my photos online where my daughter can (and often does) browse them. Sure, there are still a zillion notes and charming bits of art or artifice I will want to sift through and preserve in a more organized fashion. But now she can see herself through time, even if time is relative for us: for her, it started at birth. For us, her time started later than her birth, so there are gaps in our chronological records.

"We are awash in images," wrote A.O. Scott in a recent essay responding to his contemporary dilemma -- and Susan Sontag's notion that we should control the flow of images lest we become addicted to them. But I and I see and I know my daughter sees something worth looking for in the pictures of the past.

Two: A fun short film idea: The Band-Aid. A Band-Aid's journey through a dance class. Even the paper wrapping could play a role, so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. I have so much scrap booking material, but I have never actually sat down to make one. The way I see it though as long as you are still doing things that make memories and taking pictures you're doing okay. My family has so many pictures from all the camping
trips we take, with whatever new piece of camping equipment from The Sportsman's Guide Daddy can manage to stuff in the van!