25 April 2009

Believe it!

Today I am amazed that it's taken me this long to find out what I believe:

I believe in my existence here on this planet.

I believe in dancing, and music, listening, singing, making, or...?

I believe that if there's a "god," or God, we're way too small to know what and why that god-entity is doing.

I believe that concept it's easier for me to understand if I stick an extra "o" in "God": Good.

Conversely, I believe in love. The love of family, including all the friends who become one's adult family along the way.

I believe faith is an appealing idea. As a reality, I've never quite found the right fit. I have faith in the ever-unfolding quality of the world. Everything must pass.

As my mother has always said, "Karma is Karma, neh?"

I believe there's an untapped synergy between the mind and the gut

I believe the medical-industrial complex has egregiously mismatched its collective delusion about what they can fix with their pharmaceutical formulas and created worse problems for many, many people, just because of unexpected side effects of multiple drug interactions.

I believe writing and editing help me stay afloat and move through my life in a constructive way. Without them I could have gone off the rails as a teenager.

I believe listening to all those Who and Stones and Dead and Michael Penn and Michael Franti and Sheryl Crow and Neil Finn and Gomez lyrics has shaped me in ways I'm still trying to understand -- and make the most of.

I love films and yet persist in believing I have an obligation not only to receive stories but also to tell some of my own.

I believe in being a warm lap for a kitty or kid, or a sweetheart.

I believe any two adults of sound mind should legally be able to decide they are lifelong partners. Like I said, I believe in love.

I believe loving and being loved by my husband and daughter makes me a better person every day.

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