20 January 2009

Happy inauguration day

Highlights of a wonder-filled day:

Getting lots of compliments on the blingy Obama tshirt my BFF gave me.

Thinking back to 29 years ago today, when my sweetie and I went out on our first date (and there's always a good chuckle about our movie choice: Kramer vs. Kramer).

Dashing up to my daughter's school so I could be with her for Obama's swearing-in.

Hearing the kids watching the ceremonies in the school library lead the applause during Obama's inaugural address.

Watching one of the kids practice her presidential wave after seeing Obama wave. Some of the kids waved back to Obama at the same time, as if he was waving at them.

Having some volunteer work to do today. Made me feel like I am where I am supposed to be.

Hearing Obama urge fifth-graders "to dream big dreams and not to sell yourselves short." (We all need to be reminded of that.)

The man who saw my tshirt when we walked by him on the way home from school and barked, simply, "Obama!"

Feeling the power and potential energy of all the people who gathered in DC for this momentous occasion and who represented the millions more of us who could not be there today.

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