19 August 2008

We're all in sync

I was talking with a friend today and he said he hadn't had "the most relaxing summmer," elaborating that he'd helped make elder-care arrangements for someone, helped some folks get married, and helped some other folks stay married. I've been noticing, though, that I don't know anyone who has had a relaxing summer. I wouldn't call mine relaxing, f'r instance.

I think that lack of downtime this summer, though, is more than a result of our overscheduling tendencies. I tend to run with a fairly high-achieving crowd, I suppose, but still, it's not just the ambitious and committed -- it seems to me that everyone's world has changed tempo.

Certainly I'm not the only one floating this theory, but I think this is like women whose monthly cycles synchronize after they spend a lot of time together. September 11 was like hitting a reset button for everyone, not only the folks in the U.S. Everyone had to think about the unthinkable at the same moment; I believe that affected everyone around the world in a way that few unique events ever do, and in a way that we have all been collectively reacting to ever since, which I think has synchronized the world psyche. The prospect and achievement of the moon landing united all of humanity in a positive way; 9/11 had the same effect but in a negative way. Now I perceive a major busy uptick in our collective, long-term reaction.

Oh, it's so easy to generalize about everyone. But do you know anyone who has had a relaxing summer? I didn't think so.

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