17 July 2008

But wait, there's more!

I do feel like I'm in some kind of love hammock, all these threads woven together and holding me up. I got music in the mail the other day from my friend. I love being able to make friends in new ways. I thought this feeling might dissipate into pure sadness over what was lost, but really the love just keeps on flowing through these invisible and visible lines (phone lines, written lines, melodic lines, panty lines -- no, wait -- strike that last one) to me and all around me. I recently saw The Bee Movie (we rented it right when the worst of all this was happening), and there's a scene where the bees are flying the plane, a zillion humming bees supporting the huge metal carriage from below. The story's girl character asks, "So how is this plane flying?" I loved the amazing sight of the bees carrying the airplane. And I feel like I know that feeling now. I have all these bees of my own thrumming me forward to my destination.

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