28 March 2008

From far away she comes, ill-mannered and plastic

From our dinner-table conversation the other night:

"Our little barbarian," Daddy sighed as he watched our daughter eat her chopped salad with her fingers.

"Where's Barbaria?" the young one queried.

"It's where Barbies come from!" I said brightly.


Anonymous said...

I was drawn to this post because it's so funny, but also because my almost-nine-year-old stills eats as much as she can get away with with her fingers. I'm also thinking that we've probably managed to totally avoid Barbies in her life (except for one Barbie-like mermaid that she likes to play with in the tub). Something to be grateful for.

Anonymous said...

I love kidisms.

me, pointing to a day on the calendar: "that's a holiday."

him: "what do hollow days do?"