25 February 2008

More on being a personal rhythm consultant to the stars

It's time again to hunker down and finish this thing. To put these people to their work, to their tests, and see where they take me. So I will be posting less and working more.

I read something reassuring to me this week: that most adults don't naturally seek out play time with their children. Somehow this released me from some fear about my own reluctance to play. OT has brought this conversation home: our daughter noticed that the Supernanny approach (on the TV show of that name and the related book we have) was all about parenting techniques, but they never suggested occupational therapy or showed any of these people doing it (inferring that some of the families on the show would benefit from some OT). Now we're working with our child on her balance, vision, and a lot of different motor skills, all good stuff to do and to learn. And being as active as she is for a while is a workout! But she's noticing the real differences between her experience and the one promised by what she sees and reads at school and sees in movies or on kids' TV shows. She's noticing that she isn't always in the picture.

Saw Sia last night (I accidentally dressed all in white, just like her band) and again felt like an important member of the audience. There were a lot of boors in this group. People were drunk; they talked and cheered at times that weren't always appropriate, and some chatty guy on ecstasy or something came up to the front and started nattering to some Sia-enchanted young woman about her hat, which had a giant pompom on the top and reminded him of some childhood hat. But I grooved to the music, her amazing voice, and the band, despite the loose cannons in the crowd. And had that epiphanic, yes-you-can-do-what-you-dream moment when she sang one of my favorite songs, "Sunday." (And it was Sunday. Woo!) When they finished their set I was so glad it was time to go home at last and sleep, though. Nor was Sia bubbling over with boundless energy tonight -- everyone in her band looked like they were ready for some time off.

Great visit with the godchildren -- the godsisters of our daughter. People walkie thingies and a tiger under a hat and so very much more.

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