06 April 2007

Little wisdom

Some things my daughter has been saying lately:

On your body's instincts when you see lots of gum, she said, "Your tummy smiles at you if you don't eat it. It says, 'Thank you for not eating all that!'"


Me, describing a book I was reading: "The hero is the kind of guy who thinks he's smarter than everyone else."

Daughter: "I'm smarter than anyone else."

My sweetie and I crack up silently.

Daughter: "No, really, Daddy. I'm the smartest person in the whole world."


She's been talking about her life at the orphanage. "The massis used to take us on field trips to the zoo. We saw elephants and tigers."

She recently told me and her godmother this: "My birthmother couldn't keep me because she couldn't feed me. She didn't have enough food. She only had three cans of soup."

She'll say, "I know the Bengali word for orange. It's 'ora'." And she'll perform the same operation on a bunch of other words, translating each one for me.


Me: "Aliens couldn't live on the Sun. It's too hot!"

Daughter: "Radio aliens could live on the Sun."

Little friend: "Or there are robots that come from fire!"

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