11 December 2006

My main blog, My Mac Daddy Blog

This is the one I tell people about. I'm surprised how few people find my little corner of the universe; it's hard to get people to go look or read, but I have received sincere notes of praise for my blogs when people did look at them. So that's nice.

And it's my tour, this blog is, of the planet and the neighborhoods on it. As many as I can visit in my lifetime.

Somehow (in the darkness of winter) we've been talking over dinner about obituaries, and how thinking about what you would want your obituary to say is a powerful way to get yourself focused on what you want to be remembered for. Do you want to leave a legacy? "Loved her family well." Would you be content with what you've done if the proverbial bus knocked you down tomorrow, or was there some big thing you'd always assumed you'd get to?

Me, I have started this novel but not finished it, so now there's a sense of urgency that it get done, that what I mean to say will come across in the end. That the themes are themes all the way through; all of the commas are where they belong. And [this is the chore] all the bracketed text must be replaced with actual content! It's a big job but I want to get it done. I want people to see it. And a lot of people seem to be curious about it. I think that was my turning point: seeing that guy giving away Wild Animus after a Gomez show in Denver at the Fillmore one night, I thought: I want to write a novel for those people specifically. One I'd be proud to hand out after a show.

So that's what I'm trying to do. A novel for literate rockers like me and my friends.

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