30 May 2006

Creative burst: accompanying myself on tambourine

Today my daughter and I had a lovely outing for a late (post-school) lunch after school. She fell asleep in the trailer on the way to the pool, so I went home and she slept for another hour in the back yard while I drank a coffee and read a magazine. And she got completely wound up tonight. As is our new kitty, Jack, who is burrowing into some blankets heaped on the TV-room couch.

But then I got all inspired and picked up my electric guitar. I even tried tapping the tambourine with my foot while I played guitar. I tried different styles of strumming, fingering patterns, and found a chord progression I really liked that isn't just another variation on the same old E-A-D progression. And I got some really nice ringing tones in the reverb a few times.

Then I wanted to write about it. Silly me!

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